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Bennett Garner

Bennett Garner, Web Developer

I'm a web developer with a focus on back-end development using Python (Flask, Django) or JavaScript (NodeJS, Express).

I've worked extensively with modern database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and caching (Redis) technologies. Heavy Celery user for backgrounding data-intensive tasks.

For deployment, I prefer Google Cloud Platform but I've worked a lot with AWS. CI/CD evangelist & Docker user.

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Pulitzer Reading List

I have a goal of reading all the Pulitzer Prize winning novels. However, every time I go to the library, I have to look up a list of the winners and remember which ones I've already read. This site is a basic checklist that solves that problem.

The backend is a Django application that uses REST Framework to serialize Book and Author models. Postgres database. Frontend is React using CSS flexbox. Makes AJAX calls to the API when a checkbox is clicked.

Socket Chat

An anonymous chat application that uses SocketIO to instantly push new messages to all connected clients. Can deploy as a standalone app or as a chat component in a larger application.

Uses jQuery and the SocketIO client on the frontend. NodeJS backend. All message data is stored client-side, meaning chats disappear once you've left the session and the backend has no storage overhead.

Deployed to Google Cloud with manual worker scaling so sockets are consistent for all users.

Stock Trader

A Python Flask web application that allows you to try your hand at trading stocks.

Uses real data from the IEX API, and stores user portfolios, transactions, and cash balances in a PostgreSQL database. Uses SQLAlchemy for database models and queries. Front end is Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, and Jinja templates.

CI/CD via Travis. Automatic deploys of passing builds to Heroku.

Intertech Dev Feed

As an independent contractor, develop and maintain a Python command line interface (CLI) that collects and filters articles from the Feedly API for use in Intertech's weekly dev digest publication. Flexible application supports multiple command line arguments to fetch various types and quantities of articles.

Twitter Bot

A bot that automates most of my Twitter interactions, including favoriting tweets that mention me, thanking users who share my Medium articles on Twitter, and following back users who mention me.

Uses the Tweepy Python wrapper for the Twitter standard API. Runs via a bash alias from the command line or can be deployed on any cloud platform as a Flask app.

Garner Engineering

Developed a Django application for managing clients, projects, and field reports for a leading dam engineering firm in Western North Carolina. Uses MySQL database and deployed with Google Cloud's Google App Engine and Cloud SQL. Incorporates Django user authentication and uses Django templating, HTML, Bootstrap 4, and custom CSS for the front-end.


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • C
  • Django
  • Flask
  • NodeJS
  • Celery
  • Redis
  • REST Framework
  • React
  • Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery
  • Git / GitHub
  • Linux
  • Agile & TDD experience

Interested in something you've seen? Get in touch. PRs and healthy discussion welcome.

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